When I was in my 40’s, before taking hormones, I felt out of control like an angry male truck driver (lost my soft sense of femininity, that internal sacred, the menstrual cycle connection to the moon cycle), stopped sleeping because I had the hot-oven-within-my-chest hot flashes every 10 minutes even when the windows were open in 20 degree weather, my thoughts were jagged … not in a straight line, but fragmented, raging, memory sparse, all with a sense of mental, emotional, and physical overwhelm.Ladies, do you know what I mean?
Men, have you experienced your wives and friends suffering with this?

After having drenched my clothes, hair, and inside of my shoes like I just stepped out of a pool clothed, and after having been in some important meetings at work where executives apologized for embarrassing me because in a hot flash I’d turn red as a lobster and for a minute could not recall what I was last focusing on or discussing — after that, I tried herbs and supplements which helped for 6 months.  But when it all reoccurred and the herbs no longer helped, I started traditional hormones.  I do not recommend this because it has a profound effect on your vitality and sexuality.  It can totally diminish any intimate feeling in your body and drive.  Fortunately for me, this all returned to me after I got off of them awhile, but for 20% of women – their vitality in intimacy never returns and physical feeling never returns.  Gynecologists don’t tell you this, they just hand you a prescription.

While I know Bio-identical Hormones are not for everyone and that 20% of women are not helped by Progesterone Cream (for mood lifting and sound sleep), am very grateful this helped me to find balance.

What have you done to find balance?

What has worked for you?  What has not worked for you?

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