Something that is not told to women before they are prescribed traditional hormones is …

many women experience reduced or elimination of any sexual desire and physical feeling, making it difficult to enjoy physical intimacy with your loved one.  I learned the hard way when it happened to me.  When I researched it due to my situation, research revealed 20% of women on traditional hormones, when getting off, do not regain their physical sexual sensation or desire.  (Further what is prescribed is a one size fits all theme.  It is not regulated to the individual.)  I was one of the lucky ones.  I went to alternative gynecologist, Dr. Laura Corio in NYC, for bio-identical hormones.  All desire and sensation returned to me, and intimacy with the love of my life was great.  She tested all of my hormone levels, where I was with it, and prescribed hormones to be compounded specifically for me.  For me, it was my happy pill.

Hormones are not for everyone.  Some can ride out The Change without hormones; if that works for you, great.  Try seeking balance in different ways, and see where you are with it, before going for hormones, as well as get your different hormone levels tested with an alternative doctor (traditional doctors don’t usually test all the hormones you need to know about).  For some, balance can be achieved through the following:  foods and beverages (adding and eliminating what puts you in balance), herbs and supplements, exercise, yoga, meditation, coaching, clarity, and realizing that this is not forever.  It is a Rite of Passage into the next phase of your life, which can be what you make it.  So pat yourself on the back, give yourself a lot of love, and make room for this phase in your life.  All of these topics will be covered, one by one, as we move along.

In my blog below ~ WHAT IS THE CHANGE?  ~

I refer to a book by the alternative gynecologist mentioned above, Dr. Laura Corio, who may have some helpful information for those wanting individualized hormone testing and information.

Here’s to your Balance!  ♥

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