Read The Secret?  Heard of The Power Of Attraction?
Tried to tap into your unconscious?  How did that work for you; achieve what you wanted?

How does one achieve manifestation?
Does one only need to think about it, wish it, and it is done?
It is not magic; it is a method.

What you think and feel is of vital importance.  It is the seed to your manifestation.  Manifestation, however, requires more than thinking and feeling.  Thought is a great start.  Then it requires taking part in:  planting and watering the seed, nurturing it’s growth, and awareness around it.

Manifestation is a two-fold experience.  As you focus and put time and energy into moving towards what you want, interestingly enough, it moves towards you as well.

Steps to Manifestation

(1)   Get Quiet
(2)   Get Clear
(3)   Get Focused
(4)   Make Plans
(5)   Take Action

1.  Getting Quiet

In our ever-busy, distracting world, getting quiet can take some learning.  Why the need to get quiet?  So you can hear your inner, unadulterated voice, your pure self, so the next right step may become more evident.

How does one get quiet?

At first it may seem foreign.  Tune out from external distractions (TV, radio, phone, blackberry).  Find what works best for you to get quiet.  Some methods of getting quiet, a/k/a centering –

(a)  Slow deep breathing;
(b)  Meditation (there are different types of meditation);
(c)  Soaking in the bath with candles.

2.  Getting Clear

Get clear around what you want.  Some steps to create clarity:

(1)     Ask yourself, once I achieve this, what will it look like?

(2)     Once I achieve this, what will it feel like?

(3)     Sense the feeling as though you already have achieved what you want.  Step into that feeling, even if for only a  fleeting moment.

(4)     On a scale of 1-10, how much do you want this?  How important is this to me?

(5)     Can you feel the passion for what you want?

(6)     Ask yourself, why do I want this?

(7)     Identify why you don’t already have this?

(8)     Identify if there is anything getting in the way of your having this?

(9)     Confirm to yourself that you will remove obstacles to achieve this, if necessary.

(10)   Sometimes moving towards achieving something new, one must step outside of one’s comfort zone, expand one’s self.  How can you clear the path?

(11)   Sometimes to gain something new, one must give something up.  Identifying this can be helpful to make the transition more understandable and acceptable.

3.  Getting Focused

After you have arrived at clarity, next is focus.  What you focus on the most, is what you achieve.

Your thoughts set the foundation for creating your world.  Monitor your thoughts around this goal you want to achieve.  Keep a journal to keep your awareness alert and activated.  This can also be used to help make yourself more conscious of things surrounding the goal that you may have previously been unaware of.

Start a vision board.  Keep your interest peaked and active.

4.  Make Plans

Whatever it is you want to achieve, design it.  Create your action plans.

(1)     What is the first step to accomplishing your plan?

(2)     What is the very least you could put into this first step?

(3)     Ideally, what would be the most you could put into this first step?

(4)     What is realistic for you to put into this first step, in order to be able to complete this one step?

(5)     When do you plan to complete this first step by?

(6)     Continue your action plan, with whatever steps you require to complete what you want, and set them out as per steps 1-5 above, methodically.

5.  Take Action

(1)     In your journal book, keep track of your designed plans and action steps.

(2)     Keep a notation for the date when each thing is to be accomplished, and check it off when completed.

(3)     Accountability:  Find someone to hold you accountable, that can partner with you, to help keep you on course to accomplish what you say you will accomplish, as well as to celebrate your every accomplishment.

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